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Discussion Papers

BARKEMEYER, R.; FIGGE, F.; HAHN, T.; HOLT, D.; ILLGE, L. & RUSSON, J.-A. 2010. Trends in Sustainability. Leeds, Belfast, Berlin and Marseille: University of Leeds, Queen's University Belfast, IZT Berlin and Euromed Management School Marseille. Please click on the picture to download discussion paper.

Peer-reviewed Publications

HOLT, D. & BARKEMEYER, R. Forthcoming. Media coverage of sustainable development issues - attention cycles or punctuated equilibrium? Sustainable Development, forthcoming. Available as early view, DOI.

BARKEMEYER, R., HOLT, D., FIGGE, F. & NAPOLITANO, G. 2010. A longitudinal and contextual analysis of media representation of business ethics. European Business Review, 22(4): 377-396.

BARKEMEYER, R., FIGGE, F., HAHN, T. & HOLT, D. 2009. What the Papers Say: Trends in Sustainability. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 33, pp 69-86.

Selected Conference Presentations

BARKEMEYER, R.; FIGGE, F. & HOEPNER, A. 2010. Sustainability-related Media Coverage in 41 Countries: Regional-level Patterns or a North/South Divide? Paper presented at the Berlin Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, 8-9 October 2010.

BARKEMEYER, R. & FIGGE, F. 2010. Sustainability-related Media Coverage in Light of the Economic Recession. Paper presented at the Corporate Responsibility Research Conference "Sustainability Management in a Diverse World", Euromed Marseille Management School, 15-17 September 2010.

BARKEMEYER, R.; FIGGE, F. & HOLT, D. 2010. Exploring Sustainability-related Media Coverage & Socioeconomic Development. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Montréal, August 6-10, 2010.

BARKEMEYER, R.; FIGGE, F. & HOLT, D. 2010. Does the Media Bias impact the sustainability-related media agenda? A longitudinal and regional analysis of sustainability-related newspaper coverage in eight OECD Countries”. Paper presented at the Sustainable Development Conference, Hong Kong Convention Centre, 30 May – 01 June 2010.

HOLT, D. & BARKEMEYER, R. 2009. Sustainability and climate change: equilibriums, evolution and attention cycles in the public sphere. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, August 7-12, 2009.

BARKEMEYER, R., HOLT, D.; FIGGE, F. & LIESEN, A. 2009. Regional perspective on global sustainability: media representation of sustainability-related issues in 115 leading national newspapers worldwide, Second International Global Studies Conference, Dubai, UAE, May 30 – June 1