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Queen's University Management School

Based in Queen’s University Management School, the Management & Sustainability Research group undertakes state-of-the art sustainability research and teaching with the aim of providing current and future business leaders with the skills necessary to manage successful, responsible and sustainable businesses.

Queen's University Management School is the product of a merger in 1999 between the School of Management and the Department of Economics and has over 50 full-time academic staff members and over 1000 full-time student equivalents. The School of Management and Economics at Queen’s has been consistently ranked within the top ten UK Business Schools in the Times Higher Education league tables. It aims to deliver a suite of specialist masters’ programmes with international appeal while maintaining a comprehensive range of undergraduate programmes for high quality home and international students and developing an executive education programme for the regional business community.

For more information on the Management & Sustainability Research group of Queen's University Management School please click here or contact Prof Frank Figge on